Ali Sattarpour was born in Tehran, Iran in 1975, and moved to France in 1986. He has studied cinema in Paris, and started as assistant director in differents productions, the french TV serial “Sauveur Giordano”, and lately the full length movie, “Street dance 2”.
Since 2004, he is started directing short films, music videos, documentaries & corporate films.

His videos for the famous iranian singer Sattar, established Ali as ground breaking talent to reckon with.

Yeganegi", "Salaam" and "Akharin talash” became the most succesfull Sattar's music videos. Several times number one, in differents charts and more than 2 millions views in You Tube, although YouTube is filtered in Iran.
In 2007 and 2010, Ali was executive producer in a short film directed by Yaël Cohen and two music videos performed by the french rapper Dosseh, broadcast on MTV.